About Me

I am Sharon Blackstone, a solicitor, collaborative lawyer, mediator, and an expert in all areas of Family Law. I have practiced for over 20 years exclusively in Family Law having qualified as a solicitor in 1994.

I am a member of Resolution, an organisation of specialist family lawyers who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The cornerstone of membership of Resolution is adherence to the Code of Practice, which sets out the principles of a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The code requires lawyers to deal with each other in a civilised way and to encourage their clients to put their differences aside and reach fair agreements.

I set up Blackstone Family Law LLP specifically so that I could offer my clients the sort of service that they needed at the most difficult time in their lives. I genuinely want to try to help my clients achieve their objective with as little emotional cost to them and their family as possible. I am also determined to ensure that my clients can try to do this in the most cost-effective way.

My biggest strength as a solicitor has always been my relationship with my clients. I get to know my client’s needs and concerns and will always work in a way that is best for them and their family. I fully explain every step of the process so that they will always understand what is happening and how to proceed.

Please feel free to call me on 01737 735077 or email me direct if you want to have a no obligation chat about your situation.

Sharon Blackstone Family Law Services

About Wendy

I am Wendy Ryle. I am a solicitor and have been qualified for over 30 years, for the greater part of which have specialised in family law matters.

Sharon Blackstone and I worked together before Sharon established Blackstone Family Law LLP. Like Sharon, I am a member of Resolution and subscribe to its Code of Practice. I am a firm believer that family disputes should be approached in a non-confrontational manner, with ill-feeling and emotions being set aside whenever possible. In keeping with this approach, I am a collaborative lawyer and mediator. I am also a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel.

At the heart of my work is my relationship with my clients: listening carefully to their problems and concerns, assessing the best way forward and discussing this and all options with them. I always wish to minimise the impact of their difficulties on my clients and their family, in both emotional and financial terms. For these reasons, it is to be hoped that an agreed solution can be found but where this is not possible, I have considerable experience in dealing with family cases through the Courts.

Over the years, my cases have included ;-

  • Resolving the financial aspects of divorce cases involving businesses and trusts both by negotiation and also in contested Court proceedings

  • Negotiating the terms of separation agreements

  • Assisting clients who have worked out the terms of agreements relating to the finances in connection with a divorce or separation, to formalise them so that they are binding and legally enforceable

  • Dealing with pension issues arising on divorce

  • Representing separated parents in proceedings concerning disputes over the arrangements for their children: who they are to live with and/or how much they may spend with each parent

  • Advising on and preparing pre- and post- nuptial agreements.

And many other issues! If you would like to discuss your situation with me, please call 01737 735077 or email me on a no obligation basis.

Wendy Ryle Divorce Lawyer at Blackstone Family Law

About Amelia

I am Amelia Bohills, a solicitor specialising in all areas of family law.

I have always been passionate about this aspect of law, having volunteered as a McKenzie Friend for the National Centre of Domestic Violence and becoming a support assistant at ‘Stop Abuse for Everyone,’ during my time at university (2009).

I went onto qualify as a Solicitor at a London Firm where I undertook all aspects of my training contract in family law.

I am now a family law specialist and can assist on a wide range of family matters to include:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial issues arising on divorce and separation
  • Separation Agreements
  • Child Arrangements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements
  • Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders

I pride myself on being able to understand my client’s wishes and needs from our initial meeting. This ensures that no time in wasted in being able to explain the law and options available to them, which enables them to make informed decisions going forward.

Whilst guiding my clients through the legal channels, I always put my utmost effort into supporting them emotionally through what is often the most testing time of their lives. I am committed to achieving the best possible outcome for my clients using an empathetic, yet pragmatic and efficient approach.

I am a member of Resolution and am dedicated to trying to resolve family disputes in a non-confrontational manner.

Whilst I am passionate in trying to resolve disputes without the need to initiate court proceedings, if cases cannot be resolved by other means, I am experienced in undertaking advocacy and representing my clients at Court.

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, please call 01737 735077 or email me on a no obligation basis.

Amelia Bohills - Solicitor at Blackstones Family Law

About Adam

I am Adam Blackstone, Principal Partner.

I have had a career within the Professional and Legal services sector for over 30 years, managing business processes and developing solutions to ensure client satisfaction is at the forefront of every decision made across an organisation. My experience has covered both working in-house at large multinational Law firms, boutique legal technology start-ups and FTSE 100 companies.

I manage the business operations at Blackstone Family Law and am responsible for ensuring that Sharon and the legal team are able to spend their time on helping our clients and less time on having to ensure the systems supporting them are working to their optimal extent.

I also make a ‘reasonably good’ cup of tea…a critical skill so often overlooked.

Adam Blackstone

About Diane

I am Diane Painter, the Practice Manager and Financial Controller.

With a wealth of experience in finance and secretarial roles, I have worked with both family-run businesses and large corporations.

I have experience as secretary to the director of operations and management in family-run businesses. These early experiences laid a solid foundation for my understanding of business operations and the importance of effective communication and organisation.

As my career progressed, I had the privilege of working with companies such as Amstrad, Faber & Faber Publishers, and Ikon Business Solutions. It was during my career at these companies that I gained significant expertise in client management within the demanding underwriting/finance and legal departments, not to mention the secret world of book royalties.

While raising my family, I took on the responsibility of Company Secretary and managing my husband's company. I handled various financial obligations, including VAT, invoicing, debt management, Companies House compliance and tax liabilities.

Following this, Sharon a friend of more than 20 years, presented me with the opportunity for further growth and new challenges by joining the team at Blackstone Family Law LLP as their Practice Manager and Financial Controller.

Diane Painter