Six out of ten people think that if you live together, you acquire the same legal rights as a married couple if you split up. This is not the case. If you live together but are not married, when you separate, there is no protection from matrimonial legislation to give either parties the same rights as a married couple, even if you have children together or you have lived together for many years.

The law relating to co-habiting couples is very complex and you will need specialist advice as to what will happen when you separate, particularly if there is a property involved. We can advise you on your rights in respect of any property that you live in or partly own and how you can get your share, if you have one.

Despite the above, if you plan to move in with someone, the problems a lot of people encounter can be avoided if you get some legal advice before you move in together so that you can understand what you can do to protect yourself should your relationship break down in the future or if something happens to one of you.

Co-habiting couples can draw up a Co-Habitation Agreement setting out what will happen if the relationship breaks down. We can help you to draw up such an agreement so that if the relationship does break down, it avoids the uncertainty of what will happen to either party or their children.

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