Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) processes – which in effect means an alternative course to court proceedings. Under the collaborative process, each person appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer and you and your respective lawyers all meet together in a series of round table discussions to work things out between you and your separating partner face to face. As you will have your lawyer with you in these meetings, you will have support and legal advice as you go. An advantage of this process is that you have the two lawyers working together towards a common goal as opposed to working on separate sides of the table.

This is a relatively new procedure here in the UK but it is proving a very successful alternative way to resolve issues on the breakdown of a relationship. The benefit is that often, at the end of the collaborative process, the parties often remain on good terms with one another, particularly important if you have children together.

Sharon Blackstone and Wendy Ryle are both Resolution trained Collaborative lawyers and can discuss this option in more detail if this sounds like an attractive process for you and your spouse or partner. They can also provide details of other collaborative lawyers who can represent your spouse or partner if they also feel this process would be appropriate.

For more information on the Collaborative process, please visit the Resolution website.

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