Financial Settlements

This is often the area that becomes the most contested and acrimonious. Our priority will be to try and resolve any financial issues between you and your former spouse or partner in the most amicable and non-confrontational way. There are lots of different ways to resolve the financial issues between you and we can advise you on which would be the best option for you and your family to try and achieve a fair settlement for you and any children that you have. This may be through negotiation between yourselves, through mediation, through the collaborative process or through negotiation through solicitors. We can advise you on the best course for you taking into account all the facts of your case.

Our main aim would be to avoid court proceedings if at all possible, as this is the most costly route, both financially and emotionally. This really should be considered as a last resort. Unfortunately too many solicitors see court proceedings as a way of increasing their costs which is simply not in most client’s best interest. However if there is no alternative and court proceedings are required, we can represent you throughout that process, always looking to try and achieve a settlement if at all possible. Early legal advice can help you understand what your rights and best options are. There are various steps that can be taken to protect your interests which often need to be addressed very early on.

If you want to have a free, no obligation chat about issues concerning your finances on the breakdown of your relationship, please call us on 01737 735077 or email us to arrange a convenient time to talk.